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We are here to provide you, your family and animals with the care that allows them to physically function as they were designed by removing any interference to their bodies. We strive to provide improvements to various aspects of you and your family’s lives, whether it is to be pain free, improve breathing capabilities, or to perform at a higher level in athletics for a few examples. We believe that this is best achieved in a family friendly office that focuses more on comprehensive care and overall well being than sick care.

The highest compliment we can receive is the referral of friends and family.

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“I began seeing Dr. Puente during my pregnancy (which was the best decision ever). After my daughter was born it was determined that she had some pretty advanced ties (lip and tongue). Dr. Puente worked as part of my daughter’s medical team to get her on track after her revisions. My husband and 4 yo son now see Dr. Puente. Her office staff is amazing and her office is extremely family friendly. We gladly make the drive from Grand Prairie to come see her!”

Missy S.

Grand Prairie, Texas

“My 2 year old daughter had a relentless double ear infection that we tried everything on, including tube surgery. After just two adjustments, her infection was completely gone! It was amazing to see the change in her mood so quickly and I could not be more thankful to have found Dr. Puente. She was so patient with her and took the time to explain everything to me and give me so many answers I had been searching for. Definitely going to be bringing the whole family!”

Kenzie H.

Mansfield, Texas

“Dr. Puente is an exceptional chiropractor. I am pregnant and was reluctant to go to a chiropractor after some unsatisfying experiences at other practices. I was experiencing neck pain though and was desperate for relief without medication. Dr. Puente is not only incredibly knowledgable in a wide variety of treatment areas (including pregnancy) but she is confident in her technique and great at explaining benefits and best home practices for relief, maintenance, etc. Dr. Puente is personable, understanding and sensitive to concerns. Finally, and most important of all, I felt much more relief from her adjustments than other practices.

Jolene B.

Mansfield, Texas

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