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“I was in a lot of lower back pain when I went in for my very first visit. You could also say I had a terrible addiction of popping or self-adjusting my neck and back constantly. Dr. Emily was incredibly kind and knowledgeable for my situation. After my first visit, she recommended to see me 2 days later, so I set an appointment. Already driving home I could feel a difference. My body detoxing and rebelling against the spinal correction just as she predicted. My muscle soreness increased as well, so I counted the moments until I went back 2 days later. My anticipation could also be due to the fact that she recommended I don’t pop my back any longer and I was going in for a “fix”. Since I was still in a lot of pain, I set another appointment for a week later. Abiding by all of Dr. Emily’s rules for recovery, I finally felt real improvement a few days later after the muscle soreness passed. By the time I reached my 3rd appointment, I was excited to see how well my spine stayed in place. Luckily for me, all the areas I was determined to focus on dramatically improved! I am practically pain free and only struggle with a smaller urge to pop my neck and back occasionally! I’m truly thankful for my amazing recovery and it is all due to Dr. Emily who is an incredible human being. She really does care, not just about your health, but also you as a person. Within 2 minutes of conversing, I have no doubt you too will call her a friend.”

Ameria M.

The list of ailments and issues that Dr Emily has helped us with is SO long. But one really remarkable one was my son’s snoring. He’s only 6 and we were concerned that it was even becoming an apnea issue. Other people were recommending surgery! But a couple visits with Dr Emily and he’s not snoring AT ALL?! She’s a miracle worker. We are so thankful we found her!”

Julie T.

“I came home one day to my 6 yo Great Dane mix, TJ, dragging his hindquarters, unable to walk or run.  After rushing him to the vet, I was given 2 options: a 24 hr window to take him to surgery specialist in Dallas to have his spine fused, with no guarantees, or try chiropractic and cold laser therapy.  Choosing chiro and laser was the hardest, yet best decision I have ever made.  The vet prescribed pain pills to help with the initial pain until we could start chiro/laser and referred us to Dr. Emily.  Dr. Emily was able to do the first treatment a day or two later.  With every chiro/laser treatment, I could see TJ getting better and stronger.  It has been months since he made a recovery.  There are times when he overdoes it and we got back for a ‘tune up’, but mostly he is running, playing, and jumping up on the couch and bed as if nothing ever happened.  He was even able to go on vacation with us to the mountains, jumping in and out of the jeep with no problems.  Chiropractic and laser gave me more years to come with TJ and I am so blest to have found Dr. Emily!”


Great Dane Mix

“When looking for a chiropractor for my dog, Emma, I never thought I’d come across someone like Dr. Emily. We compete regularly in lure coursing trials and between the training and full speed running on all different types of terrain, accidents sometimes happen. After a collision on the field, I noticed very subtle changes in her gait and a shortening of her stride. After her first adjustment, I had a completely different dog. Things only began to get better and better after each follow-up, and I can say that I’ve never seen her look or run better. She glides on the field now. Not only is Dr. Emily an amazing chiropractor that cares personally about each and every one of her patients, human and animal alike, but she also has a great bedside manner. She is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and made us feel right at home the minute we walked through the door.”


“I was referred to Dr. Puente by my doula as I get my body prepared for child labor. I have had normal aches and pains through pregnancy and I always feel better after each appointment. Dr. Puente always has the best advice for each question I may have regarding prenatal care and infant care. I recently brought up some random rib pain I have been having and she suggested we do ‘craniosacral therapy’ which has been a great experience. It is a very out of the box approach to medical care but I truly believe it is helping my body.”

Allie C.

I started going to see Dr. Emily Puentes during my pregnancy for hip pain. Her adjustments along with some suggestions of hers were the only thing that brought me relief. After my son was born I took him to see her because of colic. I had no idea that having her adjust him would greatly improve his latch. I was pumping and bottle feeding him because of his latch. After seeing Emily I decided to try to latch him again and he latched like a pro, no nipple pain or anything. The colic is much better too. If you are on the fence about seeing Emily don’t be. You will not regret it. Oh and FYI she is a ray of sunshine. It is impossible to leave her office without a smile on your face no matter what kind of day you are having her warm personality will make it better.”

Sarita R.

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